Korean Traditional Martial Art Sibpalki
Author: Bok Kyu Choi  | Publisher  Ehwa University Press, 173 pages illustrated. ISBN 978-89-7300-775-2

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A Brief History of Korean Martial Arts 
Author: Bok Kyu Choi | Art of War Publishing, 300 pag. illustrated. ISBN 978-90-814981-1-1
This book presents an unprecedented and unbiased bird's eye view of Korean martial arts history that is accessible to laymen and specialists alike. 
In this work, Choi abandons conventional methods of periodizing Korean martial arts into various episodes corresponding to the ruling dynasties of Korean history, as it can obstruct the pursuit of a more profound understanding of the nature and evolution of martial arts. Instead, Choi approaches the subject of Korean martial arts history from four stages: primitive fighting, ancient martial arts, modern martial arts, and finally, contemporary martial arts. 
Primitive fighting techniques encompass the prehistoric periods of the paleolithic and neolithic eras.  Ancient martial arts concern "cold-weapon" techniques, such as archery, spearsmanship, and swordsmanship, that were developed from the start of the Bronze Age, and employed until the use of firearms as the main weapon of warfare in the late 18th century. Modern martial arts placed their emphasis on bare-handed and bare-footed techniques and transformed the arts to sports activities for physical education and pedagogy purposes as firearms eventually supplanted the use of cold-weapons in warfare. The appearance of modern martial arts however became an important part in the rediscovery of martial arts' values. Modern Korean martial arts also experienced the phenomenon of the Koreanization of Japanese martial arts after the liberation from Japanese rule.
Contemporary applications of traditional Korean martial arts are now thriving. Martial arts continue to evolve at a greater rate than in any period before. This book will provide the reader with a broad insight into the past of Korean martial arts to provide a solid foundation to build further discoveries.
expected release date April 2012