For professionals and enthusiasts of Korean martial arts, including instructors and students that are 18 years old and over.
Level: beginner
Contents & objectives:
- Hangul (Korean script) and pronunciation
- Saying hello / goodbye, basic conversations
- General and specific dojang jargon
- Expressions of politeness and respect
- >Martial arts etiquette and terms of address
- Pronunciation of martial arts techniques
- Korean martial arts culture and history
- Making telephone calls, basic conversations
-< Korean culture: food & drinks
- Practical expressions for traveling
The course is composed of 10 lessons of 2.5 hours each. 
The average time required for homework and assignments is approximately 30 hrs.
This course will be conducted by Jerôme de Wit MA. He obtained his masters degree from the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University (1999-2005), and graduated in Korean language from Yonsei University in Seoul (2002-2003). Mr de Wit also took part in a doctorate's course at the Academy of East Asian Studies at Sungkyunkwan University (2006-2009), worked as a Dutch language teacher at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul (2006-2009), and currently he works on his doctorate's thesis at the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University with Professor B.C.A. Walraven.
The curriculum of martial arts related subjects is compiled in collaboration with the Korean Institute for Martial Arts. Several classes of this course will be conduced by specialists from this institute.
For more details and enrollment please conatct Mrs J. Van der Hoff - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..