The Keimyung University Press published a copy of this book in 1999. Authored by Choi Gi-nam, a military official of the Joseon Dynasty, the Muyejebo Beonyeoksokjip is the sequel to the Muyejebo (Han Gyo, 1598), the first manual of martial arts of the Joseon.



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The Dongmoonsun edition of the Muyedobotongji entails reproductions of the original five volumes of the Muyedobotongji (1790): four main volumes and one volume of ancient Korean translation. It additionally includes the Muyejebo (1598), the first martial arts manual of Korea. The Muyejebo entails six martial arts and martial arts theory in the form of a dialogue between a Joseon official and a Chinese official.


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I would like to draw your attention to this publication.  To my classical Korean Martial Arts students in particular I recommend this book for reference. It's one of the most reliable as well as accessible (suitable for secondary school students) publications on the history of Korea from the pre-historic to the late 19th century (Vol. 1 Ancient), and from 1862 to approximately 2005 (Vol. 2 Modern). The books contain an abundance of illustrations, drawings, pictures, maps and chronological time-lines for readers unfamiliar with Korean history. We have a modest stock of these books so we're able to provide them quite easily.

'Korea through the Ages'

by The Academy of Korean Studies
Author: The Association of Korean History Teachers ISBN 89-7105-544-8 (Vol. 1, 2)

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A new, traditional style reproduction of the Muyedobotongji is now available. I’ve two copies here and I have to say it gets as close to the authentic book as possible. The original Muyedobotongji was printed in wood block print on Korean handmade paper using the traditional way of binding. This edition has a very authentic feel and it’s beautifully executed with the utmost care.

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