Moomun is a monk of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, which is the representative institute of Korean Buddhism. He has devoted himself to Seon (Zen) meditation and martial arts training since becoming a monk. Prior to this he had learned Taoist martial arts and meditation as a cultivating mind/body method. He practices the Korean traditional martial art Sibpalki and he helped establish the Korean Traditional Martial Arts Society of the Seoul National University.

After graduating from the Seoul National University, he served as a commanding officer in the military and was stationed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) area of the South and North Korean border, during which time he taught martial arts to the troops.
He obtained a masters degree on Buddhist meditation methods and his doctorate dissertation was on traditional martial arts and self-cultivation practice in Buddhism and Taoism. He is considered to be a leading representative of traditional martial arts in Korea (Chosun Weekly, 2005). He is consulted often by Korean broadcasting services and publishers.