The Korean Institute for Martial Arts (KIMA) is an independent, non governmental private institution established in 1987 as the East Asian Martial Arts Institute, an alliance of 12 researchers and publishers to study East Asian martial arts issues and consult governments, publishers, universities, broadcasters, sports and cultural organizations, as well as governmental agencies in South Korea.


The objective of KIMA is to:

- Unravel the tangle of misunderstandings regarding Korean martial traditions through the use of scholarly investigation and active discussion.

- Involve both academic and non-academic practitioners of all Korean martial arts in the growth and refinement of these traditions.

- To provide access to the results of these efforts through factual materials by overcoming barriers of language and culture.

The initial steps to accomplishing these goals began with a series of open lectures at Leiden University, in association with the Center for Korean Studies. The lectures were attended in great numbers by most of the renowned Korean Martial Arts masters of the Netherlands and revealed an enthusiasm and excitement for yet more reliable information on this subject. As a result, lectures and presentations have continued and in 2008, KIMA opened its international branch office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This office's mission is to disseminate the results of KIMA’s efforts to interested practitioners around the world.